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Subject: Entry Records
Can anyone help ! I am trying to make contact with old family friends who emigrated to Canada from England in the mid 1960s. Is there an entry list I can Check ?
If anyone can help me it would be very kind

Try this instead. (in reply to: Entry Records)

Government Immigration records are not easilly accessed by the public. So try this instead.

Go to " Canada 411.com " which is a free computer listing of all the personal telephone numbers in Canada. Enter the persons full name and read the results, which will give you both their adress, and their phone number, including the area code.

Now if the last name is a common one , such as Jones, you will get PAGES of returns, even for the exact same first and family name . Try the ones that have less common family names first.

Remember that it is much easier to track men than women, as men don´t normally change their names, while women who wed, do.

A second method is this. Many people are to be found thru the Internet, searching their complete name in the Google or Yahoo search engines. Of course, if the bloke is named " Tom Jones, or Fred Smith , " you are going to be a while.......Grin.

You can also try looking thru the "email address" finder sites on the Internet. Do a search for " how to find someones email " sites in Google or Yahoo search.

Finally, how long ago was your last contact and where were they living then? Do you have "old postal addresses in Canada" ?

Part of my business is "finding people " so I do know about the subject.

More info might help me to help you. Send to my private e=mail at jimbunting@rogers.com

Cheers Jim B. Toronto.

Canadian Citizen
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Jim B
Interesting indeed,

But what about those who are not enlisted or off directory? Can you still find them? I may contact you.

Every body gets a monthly phone bill (in reply to: Entry Records)
Sam: Most people who have a phone get a monthly bill for services, and it has to be mailed to an street address, right ? So ergo, the billing records hold the key to finding a person with a phone in Canada, unlisted or not.

Jim B. Toronto.

Canadian Citizen
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can I email you to the above address?


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