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Subject: From EU to Canada
I´ve never traveled to Canada from EU Country. Note, I´m a EU Citizen.

My question is, how strict is the immigration when landing? Since I don´t need a Visa, any recommendations on what paperwork I should bring with me?

Many thanks.

John J
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Here is a link to a list of countries that require visas to visit Canada. There are EU countries on the Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania...the list goes on and on. The EU works for the EU and not non-EU countries....Check and see if you are on the list.

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Thank you for your reply. Much appreciated.

I´m from a Country that does not need a Visa, but curious if I should bring any additional information.

Thanks again for your reply.



John J
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John J instead of creating confusion, you could just name your country without any problems...

Anyways, I think if you have your passport of "your country", that´s enough documentation if you dont need a visa.

Almost Perfect!!
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Almost Perfect,

Thank you for your reply.

The Country is France.



John J
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Come with a travel plan and knowledge of places you intend to see, friends you intend to visit and their contact information. Common sense will overcome the toughest CBSA officer.



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