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Subject: one year in canada
  Hello All,
I used to come to this page everyday- couple of times while my application was in process. It has been a year I have moved to Canada and I am happy to say that I have settled well in Canada with my family of four.

The first month was confusing, didn´t know what to do, how to approach, where to buy thngs from, which way to go, what additional things to apply for. But with time all these things went well. I have a permanent job now after working in 2 call centers. I have been unemployed for only 3 month. After that I was able to get a job.

The first winter was bad as we have moved from warmer part of tha world. But I have to tell you that we took all precautions regarding weather coping. We took suggestions, advice from friends- and we faced the weather. Now I can tell that weather is not a concern for me anymore. With proper preparation anyone can overcome this weather.

Ok, what I like about Canada?
- Health care, yes I like it
- an immigrant melting pot
-Food- you name it you can get any food from any part of the world in toronto
- A lot of parks and library for my kids to spend time
-the peace of mind that comes with being a PR in a first world country
- rent is within reach (most utilities are bundled in the rent)

what I don´t like
-clothes, shoes expensive
-shops are closed at 6 during weekends
-Canadian media always shows US news with utmost importance
-Finding a job takes longer- but to start you can always get a job in a retail shop (again, as a starter). Once you have cash flow and a little peace of mind you can put more efforts in finding a job in your profession
-high sales tax
-high cost of phone and internet

This is what I think. I am happy to be a part of Canada and I hope you will be too. Good luck for all of you.


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it is wonderful to know that you are doing well. It has so much to do with expectations and attitude... and it sounds like you have the perfect mix.

Congratulations - (the weather in Vancouver is not nearly as nasty)

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Glad to read such comments before I plan to land.
Almost Perfect!!
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Which city are you living in? Rent and other costs greatly vary from city to city.
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We are now waiting for the final evaluation of our canada application. We compelted our medical examination last June 9, 2007 and positively within the next 3 to 6 months from now we will recieve our visa. Now I am very busy preparing, planning and searching for our temporary accommodation at calgary alberta. Do you have any suggestions for us to stay temporarily. We prepare near the calgary christian schools if any

Judy E. Lugtu
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