Info required on finger printing.

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Subject: Info required on finger printing.

I have applied for canadian PR while I was in US in 2005, after which I came back to india as my 6 yrs tenure on H1 got over. Now I have been asked for the FBI report by the canadian immigration services.

My question is
Can I get the finger prining done in India on the downloaded finger print card and send it to FBI. In that case can anyone let em know from where can I get the finger pritning done.

Any info will be of great help.

Thank You

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No. It is clearly stated on the FBI website that prints cannot be taken on the downloaded forms.

You must have someone mail fingerprint forms to you from the US. It is easy really... I left US in 2005 but I have family/friends who do help me out.

You can have someone request finger print forms at any police station( Form number 258). But have finger prints taken at US embassy in India. Contact them and they will let you know the procedure.

This is how it looks:

You can NOT print it. Only hard copies are accepted.

See my previous post below:

Almost Perfect!!
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I used downloaded forms.

Please, check the following website (question #7)

The forms are located in the following website (coverletter and fingerprinting form):

Good luck.

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