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Subject: confused refugee got headache,
  Dear Moderator and everyone in this forum.

I am a canadian PR thru´ refugee case, I´ve been living in canada approximately about 4 years. I tried to calculate my eligibility with residency calculator to apply for canadian citizenship, and it says I will be eligible by Oct this year(2007).

I have a couple questions regarding to my situation and please to anyone provide me some informations. Here is my situation:

my home country´s embassy in Ottawa released a new policy to its citizen recently that make me able to obtain a new passport as long as I have my PR status. I have my Canadian Travel document valid until april 2008 and I´ve been using it to travel out of canada once.

1. will it cost any problem to my canadian citizenship case/process if I obtain a new passport from the my home country? because I was a refugee claimant against that country.

I want to have my home country´s passport because my mother is getting weaker and sicker lately, I want to have my passport just in case if something happen to my mother while my Canadian citizenship case is in process. I will be able to be there for her.

I´ve been told by CIC officer over the phone that I am not suppose to go to the country I claimed against to, but lately I knew some of my friends(with the same case) went to our home country and they came back to canada without any problem.

if there is bad thing happen to my mother and I have to go to my home country, and in case I get problem with CIC officer at the port entry on my way back to canada.
2. can I use lawyer´s help to handle the problem?

Thanks in advance for any advice and information.

best regards,

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