Indeed, we get it. Thanks to all!

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Subject: Indeed, we get it. Thanks to all!
  I am not really an active participant to this forum. However, I would like to say THANK YOU to all those who shared some informations regarding the immigration processes. All the inputs and insights are highly appreciated.
At last, we received our Canadian visa. It was a long harrowing wait for the said visa to materialize but it comes. We applied under the SW category. Common law partner. My partner is American and I am Asian. I overstayed my visa here in the US for 5 years. It was harrowing experienced because of the uncertainty to some issues...i.e. illegal immigrant in the US, common law (gay) relationship. Moreover, those issues are being answered and yes, we´re given a visa.
Our timeline:
AOR: March 24, 2005
IA: October 26, 2006 Interview Waived
Passport request: March 20, 2007 Submit passport: March 29, 2007
Visa rec´vd: April 09, 2007

We are planning to land first week of August. Toronto. I am planning to challenge the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Exams this September.
So, to the would be Canadian Immigrants, all the best of luck on your application process. And to all those givers and sharers of insights to this forum, our heartfelt thanks.
Special mentions to Sharon, Uniden, Roy...and all...thanks. MABUHAY!


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Congratulations! And Good luck in your new country.
Almost Perfect!!
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