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Hi there! I want to go to canada for my further study after 1 years. My question is, after coming to Canada, how can I get permanent resident card? how long should I stay to get it? Will I be able to be a Canadian citizen if I get permanet resident card?

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To get a PR card you will have to apply for it as any of us. People say that it goes faster if you apply outside Canada (please check this with others).

You can become Canadian citizen after obtaining a PR and live in Canada for 3 years, if I remember well the rules.

You can find more info on the CIC website.

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To get PR card you have to first become a permanent resident. Check out

excerpt from

Adults must have lived in Canada for at least three years (1,095 days) out of the four years preceding the application. Please note that you cannot meet the residence requirements for citizenship without a minimum of 2 years as a permanent resident. Time spent in Canada before becoming a permanent resident may be counted toward becoming a Canadian citizen if it falls within the four-year period.

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Just going to school in Canada is insufficient to apply for Canada Immigration.

Go to and take the self-assessment test and find out if you qualify to apply. After that, things change accordingly.

To become a citizen, you must first become PR. Then live in Canada for at least 3 years to apply for citizenship. Note thaqt you WONT be a citizen right after living there for 3 years. You are only eligible to apply for citizenship. It will take some more time after applying to become a citizen

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What if I get a work in Canada, will it be sufficient to get me a permanent resident card?
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If you find work and go through PNP then you will be able to land much faster than the normal PR process. Otherwise, normal work permit is not going to help you go through faster at buffalo. Also, you have to meet specific requirements in both PNP and normal skilled worker immigration. Check out for detailed information.

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