how does divorce affect PR?

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Subject: how does divorce affect PR?

My spouse and i became permanent residents recently. She stayed in Canada and I returned to the US to continue school, work, etc. Things have not been going too well between us, unfortunately... What happens to the PR status in the case of a divorce, and in the case when, after a divorce, the one person is in Canada and the other in another country?

Thank you.

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I am assuming you both came to Canada under a skilled worker application?

Once landed, your PR status is not affected by divorce. However, both of you have an independent obligation to maintain your status. You must be residing in Canada 2/5 years otherwise you forfeit your PR.

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Sharon, thanks.

Yes, we are in the skilled worker category. Just to confirm, even if we got divorced, if she stayed in Canada and completed all residency requirements, she can keep her PR, right? And that is regardless of the fact that I am the principal applicant and I might not complete the residency requirements?

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that is the way I understand it.
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You have a concern for your future ex-wife´s PR status even during these troubled times. You seem to be a good man. Not intending to say that your wife is bad. I am not a family councellor. But I understand that divorce is the second worst thing that will happen in one´s married life. Just the way you have concern about the future of the person who you will probably never see in your remaining life if the divorce happens, did you also have concerns for her wishes, desires, needs etc. during the time of your marriage. I want you to understand that the problems you might have faced in this marriage will remain more or less the same if/when you remarry. The only thing that might change is the manner in which you will handle these issues. I do not intend to intervene in your private life but since you posted about your potential divorce on this forum, I thought I should give an advice. Its up to you to take it or leave it.
Marriage is a very hard thing to hold on to. There are 2 people involved from completely different families, brought up differently from each other. Things which offend one might be easy on the other. Things that are non issues to one could be life and death matters to the other.
My advice to you is to look into what YOU did to better the relationship rather than what your spouse did. Also remember that no man is perfect. There are goods and bads with everyone. You will never love everything in another person. Think about the goods and forgive the bads in a person. Unfortunately we work harder to keep our jobs with companies but discount our efforts to keep our jobs as spouses. After you think positively, decide what you think is best for you and do not look back.

Good luck!

I have a life...
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I have a life...,

I appreciate your kind words and I completely agree with what you´re saying.

Thank you!

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You are welcome M_J. Good luck!
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How does devorce affect my PR (in reply to: how does divorce affect PR?)
i´m writing you to ask if divorce affect my permanent residency or not and it will be appreciated if you tell me what to do to stay PR.should i apply myself again?
i and my husband married almost 1 year ago and i could come to canada 3 monthes ago because i was studying back home. My husband is PR in Canada and i´ve got my PR card recently but we found that we have so many problems to live together and we decided to get devorced.I was looking for working as a RA in university to afford living alone but first i´d like to know what will happen in this case.
would you please tell me what to do in this case?

Thank you

Divorce can effect my pr after issuing pr card (in reply to: how does divorce affect PR?)
My wife is Canadian citizen and her first husband was died then she
Get remarriage with me last year and I came canada in march 2013
And I have received my PR card 8 week after landing but immigration have also give me pr confirmation letter at landing time now my wife fighting with me again and again . She is thinking for divorce and deporting me from canada so please tell me she can deport me and divorce can effect my pr status nd I have to leave canada or not please reply me as soon as possible....

how divorcee can effect my husband's immigration status (in reply to: how does divorce affect PR?)
hi my name is jagdeep
i got seperated from my husband
i want to have divorcee from him
actully i got married with him on 5th feburary 2014
i live in india for 2 months with him then i came back and i sponsered him
he came to canada on 10 december 2014
we live together for almost 5 months
we start getting problems
after 5 months we decided to get separate
so my question is as i told i sponsered him for canada
if i give him divorce within 2 years what effect could be on his immigration status
he already get his permanant resident card.
please reply

jagdeep chahal
Divorce vs Express entry/federal skill worker application (in reply to: how does divorce affect PR?)
I am applying for skill worker/federal skill worker/PR migration but my profile has not yet been submitted into the entry pool. My husband is a Canadian citizen and we got married outside of Canada but the marriage is ending. I need to apply for a divorce however I need to know if applying for a divorce now will affect the express entry application? If the divorce is done in Canada will it be acceptable for the express entry-PR application? Considering my profile has not yet been submitted, do I wait on the completion of divorce proceeding to submit express entry profile? Which of these scenarios would be best for my PR application?