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Subject: need suggestions/help to sponsor
I am a Canadian Citizen who divorced his wife in 1999. My children left the country at that time to live with their mother and lost their landed immigrant status. Now I want to sponsor my daughters, both of them are in Canada on student visa. Can I apply for their immigration from within the country?

I am currently working in UK but have my own home and other assets in Canada and intend to move to Canada at the end of this year.

All suggestions/help are much appreciated

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I know you can be out of the country as a citizen and sponsor a spouse but do not believe that opportunity exists with children.
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I don´t understand, if you are a Canadian citizen, how come your children aren´t? regardless if they were born outside of Canada.

They could it get their citizenship, because one of their parents is a Canadian Citizen.

Am I misunderstanding anything here?

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Hi Bill,
They are 19 and 21 and I think they can become Citizen if they are under 18 years of age.

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Sounds as though maybe "za" is a naturalized Canadian citizen, which would not give his daughters citizenship. So the question remains - as a citizen, can he sponsor his dependent children while out of the country? I don´t know, but I´m sure someone here does.
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