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Subject: Job offer > Work permit
I moved to Canada last year, married a canadian woman and started all the applications (sponsorship&PR) to become a permanent resident.
I phoned the CIC Call Centre to find how to work in Canada. Two different people told me that since I am:
- married
- entitled to stay legally in the country while applications are processed
- highly educated (I have a masters´s degree in Electrical Engineering)
If I have a job offer, I can simply go to the closest port of entry, visit an Immigration Office and they will give me a work permit that same day.
Does the process job offer-work permit (without going thru the Human Resources and Social Development Canada approval first) sound real or I was just misinformed?
Thank you in advance!

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Has your wife been approved as your sponsor?
If yes..
CPC in mississauga Ontario will forward your application to Vegreville Alberta for further processing (Your PR).

After 8 months (roughly) if everything is in order you will receive a letter stating that you have been "Approved in principle". After you receive this you may apply for an open work permit within Canada.

Once you get your work permit, you can work in Canada while a decision is made on your application. Keep in mind that you may have to request an extention (before your permit expires)of your work permit if a decision has not been made yet on your PR application.


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Thanx for the answer. Unfortunately when I talked to a CIC agent the first 2 times, I was misinformed. They made me believe I didn´t need approval from HRSDC, but I do.
If I loose this job offer, I guees the only way for me to work would be to apply for an open WP when we receive our AIP.

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