Roy this is my Second Request.. Need expert advice

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Subject: Roy this is my Second Request.. Need expert advice
  Hi Roy

Sorry about calling your 1-888 number. I can call u on the 416 number if you wish.

We would like to thank you for answering our questions over the forum several times.

The reason for our call was to ask you a few more questions just before we mail our application.

If you wish you can answer it over the forum. I am sponsoring my husband from Out-of-Canada (non-quebec application), he is Canada with me on a tourist visa.

1. I am a student & donot work. Do I still need to attach an Option C file? If I dont attach it what do I explain in the mail?
2. My husband got his finger printing done at an Authorised Finger Printing Service in Montreal and mailed it to the RCMP address in Ottawa. We are attaching a copy of that to our application. Do we need to do anything more?
3. I am attaching an old Indian Police Clearance certificate from 2006 to his application because the last time he visited India was in 2005. We also ordered a UK police clearance and attached it to his application. DO we need to do anything more?
4. We have attached all the original pictures taken between us over the past 4 years. We have written a few points behind the picture. Is that sufficient & do we need to explain each picture?
5. We have also attached letters from the only 2 ppl who attended the wedding in court and letters from his parents. My own parents are not aware of this even though my husband keeps contact with them. Do we need to explain this situation & how would you suggest we go about it?
6. He has applied for his tourist visa extension. Are there any reasons why they would possibly reject it?
7. I have chosen not to change my last name to my husband´s last name. Is that a problem and do I need to inform anybody about my marriage.. such as a bureau... to show a change in status from single to married?

We will wait for your reply.

Thanks alot.


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You´re funny.

1. If you did your taxes submit your notice of assessment which will be the same as an Option "C" even if you did not work you can do an option "C" because Income is not an issue. One of the main things they´re are looking for is IF you claimed him/her as your spouse.

2. Do you have the reaults yet? If not do a name search and attach a copy of the prints for good measure.

3. All proof of No convictions should have been received in the last six months.

4. Sufficent

5. Simple tell the truth. Some times families do not approve ofanything one does. Truth is always better because then you do not have to remember what you said. YOU WILL KNOW WHAT YOU SAID.

6. Plenty like why does he need another six months. Remember their is no exit visa requirements in Canada and what are the chances that Indian citizens get stamped in when returning from holidays????

7. It depends on where you got married and what is the Law regarding name changes in that country. In Canada the wife USED to just take the man´s name but NOW they must officially register their name change.



Roy... Thank you (in reply to: Roy this is my Second Request.. Need expert advice)
Hi Roy

You make life a lot easier. Please do not leave this forum.

1. I´ll wait for my option c file which I ordered. I did not mention my husband in the taxes for 2005-06 coz i married in nov 2006.

2. I havent received the results yet. What is a name search and is it mandatory to attach that? I am attaching a copy of the finger prints.

3. We got married in Ottawa City Hall. I am not changing my last name. So if I understood you right I do not need to inform anybody or it is not mandatory to change my last name?

4. He´s been in this country for over 6 months now on a tourist vvisa.. that is why he has applied for stayin a few more until his immigration comes through.

Thank you.

I will keep u updated with any developments.

Thanks a tonne


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