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I have applied from permanent residency to Canada from US. I am divorced and my ex-wife is not ready to get my daughter medically tested for immigration because she has a custody of her.

Consulate has asked me to provide my daughter´s pictures so that they can send me her medical forms but she is not willing to co-operate. I also went to court and court has also refused to do so since child is not medically fit as she is undergoing medical treatment in States.

What do you think I should do? They have waived my interview and told me to get my medicals done. I have decided to provide an affidavit stating all possible reasons that why my daughter can´t me medically tested.

What do you think will happen to my application? Will it get refused just because my ex-wife is not supporting me to get my daughter medically tested?

PMM or any other expert please advice? Will my application get rejected just because of that.!!!!!

Kindly reply

what happened to you? (in reply to: about medical)
hi der..

me and you have the same problem. i wonder what happened to your case pls respond so i could avoid refusal

thank you

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