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Subject: Applying for PR Spouse not accompanying to Canada
  I am a researcher who is working with in a govt lab on a work permit for the last 2.5 years. I have been offered a permanent job by my current employer, however for that i need to acquire landed immigrant status. Therefore, I have been strongly suggested by my employer that I should at least start PR process ASAP. However, due to my family situation I have been delaying it but obviously, now i cannot anymore. I and my spouse have been living separately (I am in Canada, the spouse in India)since last 2.5 years although efforts for reconcilation are in process but not sure how much time it will take. Meanwhile, I have received this offer which I will not like to loose. After going through the guide and other forms for Permanent residence under the federal skilled worker category, I realise that I cannot provide the requested documents regarding my marriage for the abovementioned reasons,although my marriage is a legal Indian marriage but i did not get the marraige certificate at that time. Neither can I get other certifications (medical and police for my spouse under the current situation) as we still are in the process of saving our marriage. My understanding is that if I provide a notarized copy that my spouse will process application later independently, i will not be able to sponsor him later if things become fine between us. And at this time, i cannot provide anything with regard to my spouse in Federal skilled worker form. As it is important in my situation to have a job offer after a lot of struggle and hard work, please advise how I can proceed safely and wisely. Do you think that a explanatory note on my current family situation to the visa officer while applying can help? Also, will my spouse be able to at least come on tourist visa to Canada after I apply/receive PR ?
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