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Subject: emergency post grad work permit
  International students please share your emergency post graduate work permit experience here. I am talking about getting work permit from a CIC office on a emergency basis(usually given on the same day). Did they give you a hard time for this? I am specially interested about the cases in Toronto since I am going to apply for one pretty soon.


Peter Griffin
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Nope. They didnot give me a hard time. All they are going to see is your transcript (mentioning that you graduated), original job letter and job details if it is related to your studies. So be sure you take these documents with you.
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it´s really easy, i am done it twice in toronto as well on st. clair
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This is my case, I graduated my program in July 2007 when my study permit was expired, I misunderstood that i had three months after my study is expired to apply for a pg work permit, which i was wrong. So i re apply a bridging study permit with a pg work permit in October. In November i got a letter saying that my papers has been transferred to Scarborough immigration center (originally applied to Vegreville). Is that a bad sign? Why would they do that? I called the canada toll free number and they couldn´t give me further info. I am in a desperate situation cause i landed my dream job and i can´t accept it yet cause i haven´t heard anything from the government. Please someone help me! how long it takes? is my case really messy???
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