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I have got medical forms few months back. My wife is pregnant and the the baby is due in 4 months. So we don´t know what to do?. We got our FBI clearance few days back. Do I need to send the FBI reprot and let them know that we need some more time?. Please someone help me.


ram kumar
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I am in the same situation. I did some survey and based on my own experience, this is what you can do. My advice is based on the fact that I am living in the US.

1) Do the medicals & send the FBI clearance asap. Usually, it takes about 1-2 months (from the day you complete your medicals) to get the PPR, from my experience.

2) If the PPR arrives in time (i.e. before your wifes due day), do the landing asap. Then, you can decide where you will have your baby.

3) If not, the PPR gives you the option to add your child. It may take a few months more, but you don´t have to restart the whole process.

Also, you can wait until your baby is born. However, doing so will take a lot of time, and besides, you may have to do the Police Clearance again & they may put you at the back of the queue (I didn´t do this way, so I may be wrong about this queue thing).

In my case, it took about a month after the medical exam was completed to get the PPR.

So, good luck to you & your family.

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The main idea is: Whatever you do, do not delay your application by waiting until baby is born. Do medicals, get PPR, land, decide later what else to do.
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Thanks for your reply. I really don´t want to have medical exam now. Since my wife is pregnant, I don;t want her to take x-ray. Do I need to inform Canadian Consulate about this and ask more time>?.
ram kumar
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ram kumar,
Write to the buffalo consulate explaining that you are expecting a baby and you will complete the medical exam after the baby is born. You can mention the due date etc. They will send you a letter telling you what to do once the baby is born. You will be able to have the medical done after delivery. It is best if the whole family gets it done at the same time.

CA Hopeful
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Thanks a lot!.

My case is being processed by LA Office. Where should I send this letter?.

ram kumar
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