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  Hi Roy!we reqiered to send new police clearance for all of familly because the old ones were expired.and we did send all of them 40 days ago. the prblem is they wanted my son"s from my home country which he left here 10 months ago to cyprus and he send one from there i was worry if it will be ok for them or not? thank you so much Roy!
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Hey nahid

If he mentioned on the envelope:
1:Your file number
2:Your name
3:Your date of birth
4:Your country

Then there is no reason to worry and everything will move smoothly

best wishes,

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Hi mike!he send it to us and we made one package! but they mentioned us to send our son"s from our home country that is the reason i am worry for as i heared we ought to do as they said !when do you plan to landed in canada mike?! thanks for reply!good luck!
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When i sended my documents , i contacted damascus after 1 week asking them if they received them so they replied that everything is fine and if there is any problem we will tell you so why dont you send them an email about your case??

I am landing next monday hopefully in Halifax to finish my papers there and move the next day to montreal (inchallah).

By the way here is my timeline since we have similar cases:

NovaScotia PNP:(Damascus)
Interview in NS:12.10.05
*BG checks started:13.02.06
*3 Status enquiry via email:Bg checks in process
*Bg checks finished:11.11.06
*Request for docs:12.11.06
*E-cas updated to "Decision Made" 25.12.06
*Visas affixed in Beirut:05.01.2007 ( nice,shiny ones)

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hey mike,thank you for good advicing!i was wonder how long did it take for cic to answer your email?i mean the last one!and you know if you stay in novascotia you will get back $28000after 6 months of working so dont you have any plan to take it back? this is my email if you would like to have,
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Ok i added you

We will talk there!

You have a messenger right?

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