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Subject: Onlinline status changed
Dear Friends, I would like to have your expertise suggestions, My details: I was applied for canadian immigration on 6th December 2001 through New delhi Embssy, INDIA. Recently 6 months back, I have been asked to submit my medical and Right of landing fee and passports(Original, for my self and my family member . I have sent my medicals 3 months back and now the online status has been chaged to " Medical reports has been received, A Decision has been made on your application and our office will contact you concerning this decition". What does it mean? This decision can be negative also? If it is positive within how many days they will send Visa to me?
Pl reply to this.


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The decision is absolutely postive since you made your medicals so you shall receive the PPR(Passorts Request )within few days only.

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Thanks Mike,

I have sent my (Family) Original passports along with my medical reposrts, i.e. on the same day it self.

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I didn´t know that one can send passports ahead of being requested to do so (PPR). As far as I know, medical reports and passports go two completely different routes.
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Mr Uniden,
I received letter from embassy regarding medical, Right of landing fee & proof of funds, and in that letter itself it was also mentioned that as soon as medicals done, I need to send original passports for my self and my spouse through couries only but not by hand. So I have send pass ports on the same day.

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Chowdary & Mike,

May I know from what country you are?

Chowdary were you also asked for proof of funds?


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