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Subject: Sponsoring my parents - how?
I want to sponsor my parents, who are presently in india.
What would be the best way to have them here in Canada ?

1) Should I submit the application while they´re in india ?

2) Should I call them here on visitor visa and submit the applciation here in Canada ? Would they be able to stay here even after their Visitor visa expiry while their PR application is in process ?

is there any other way ?

Can Visitor visa be extended from here ?

Thanks a lot.

Sponsoring Parents (in reply to: Sponsoring my parents - how?)

The current processing times to sponsor a parent is 28 months!!!!! What you need to prove is that you are a PR or CDN Citz and meet the low income cut off depending on your family size !

More then two years for Mississauga Case Processing Centre just to check your income and status in Canada!!!! IRPA section 3 (1) (f) states the act is to have prompt processing, yeah right.


Then you have to calculate the processing times for New Delhi and that is another 27-43 months. 43 months and they still might not been approved through New Delhi see http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/department/times-int/08-fc-parents.html

Submitting an In-Land application based on Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds is suppose to take 18-19 months but bet at least two years which is far better then a possible 71 months or 28 + 43 = 71 months or six years!

Would both your parents pass a medical in six years? The older we all get the more likely is that we will develope something that CIC will not find acceptable.

To understand Humanitarian and Compassionate applications you have to read and understand all of the InLand Processing Maual #5 and take into special consideration IP5 section 5.26, section 6.7 section 6.8 and section 5.1

Understanding that compassion is common sense, that family is family. That if you choose this route you will need to find everything any Canadian politician has said how Family reunification is a cornerstone of the Immigration Act. Since the Conservatives are now the government anything former Ministers of Immigration have ever said has disappeared virtually.

You should find it quite easy to prove that your parents have an unusual and undeserved hardship NOT ANTICIPATED by the act or its regulations. IP5 section 6.7 H&C is the most satisfying type of application and any submissions should be a minimum of thirty pages and supported by lots of supporting documents.

Wish you luck in your attempt to get your parents permanent resident status.


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Thanks a lot Roy. I will look in that direction as well (Humanitarian and Compassionate applications ) and will explore more to find teh best way.

Hopefully My parents would pass Medical after 6 years as well but that´s a toooo long wait :(

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