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Subject: FBI clearance & police certificate

I have recieved a letter from canadian officer to submit the following documents in 60 days otherwise my case could be denied, please note that my & my wife´s medical exam has been completed and sent to their office:-

1. Police clearance certificate X2
2. Spouse Police certificate from my home country

I suppose (1) means FBI clearance, so I did sent the fingerprint card to FBI for me and my wife enclosed in one envelope with 2 cover letters and 2 money orders of 18$ each, I have just recieved my card back with NO ARREST record stamp, but i have not yet got my wife´s card back, please provide some recommendation on what should i do? as the 60 days deadline is approaching soon, is there a CJIS division number to call and inquire about? or should i send another finger print card for spouse?

For 2) I have a police clearance from home country for spouse, but it is older than 6 months, it´s valid uptil Nov 2006, and in Dec 2006 my wife actually came to USA, so please tell me whether should i obtain a new police clearance report or could i use the one that´s valid till Nov 2006, and just say to the officer that in Dec my wife came to US?

i appreciate all the help.


Abdul Basit
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When I had a similar issue, I searched discussion forums for FBI numbers. The numbers I got are 304-625-2222 / 304-625-3878 / 304-625-5590 / 304-625-5590.

I called one number. They will ask for your name and tell whether the certificates were dispatched from their office.

(Mine and my wife´s were dispatched on Dec 01. She got hers on Dec 04 and I got it on Dec 12.)

In my case also, the 90 day deadline had expired. But before the 90 days got over, I mailed a letter to the Consulate stating the reasons for delay. I also attached proof of applying for FBI certificates.

As far as your wife´s foreign police certificate, I don´t think it will be an issue as it is just 6 months old. Added to that, she left the country in Dec. So my recommendation is to just send it as it is. If they find that it is expired, they might ask you for a new one. (It is just my personal opinion)

Good luck.

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....Just wanted to add some more things to what I wrote...

Since I wrote to the consulate for extending the 90 day deadline, they waited till I submitted the FBI.

And within a week after submitting FBI, I received the PPR.

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thanks guys, I have called FBI number, and they told me that they sent the card for my wife on Jan 8,2007, so i should be expecting it soon.


Abdul Basit
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