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  hellow guys can you please help me if this is legetimate/authenticated or not?

i send some files to the immigration services for my application of visa address in 372 Rideau Street #900, On-K1N 1G7 Canada with the telephone number#(416)979-2443 and fax:1-904-369-5505.Which is the director of the immigrant service is Mr.Haskey D. Merth.

will you find some information on this matter?Beacause I am longing to work and live in Canada.

Thank you very much! God Bless.

concerns (in reply to: immigration services)
I would like to share some queries regarding my approval for my working visa and permit from your office..they are asking some amount (US&375.00)for the processing of my this really true?i applied in a certain hotel in Canada (Hilton Suites Hotel) and they forwarded my papers in your institution..please help me regarding this matter..i just wnted to clarify if this thing really exist..i really wanted to work and stay in canda..thank you so much
Ma.Lovelle Camille S. Polonan
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does not sound true to me.
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