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Subject: WHO'S ROY
Hello All,
I see a lot of people asking for Roy, Who is Roy? What does Roy do?
and please tell us Roy how does it feel to be so damn popular.
And i think if you have a gang Roy i´d really like to be in it!

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Roy KNOWS! :)

He´s the right guy to hire for a good piece of advice on Canadian immigration. He lists his website at the end of most of his posts.

Yepp, Roy is the Brad Pitt of this forum. He doesn´t reply to just anyone, you need to pass his bodyguards first.., or bribe them, $5 will do.

Have fun! :)


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Hey lisa I am part of the Roy gang. Come join me sometime in the Maritimes. We can have a blast............
Right Man
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Hi Lisa

I am an authorized representative who for free answered a posting of another company and got SLAMMED for pointing out the truth. The posting was looking for a good representative/lawyer and less then thirty seconds later I notcied someone else recommending a company.

I googled the company and found out the head had very little experience. Then the person/company started posting a bunch of stuff as if I wrote it.

Sharon (god bless her soul) decided to investigate and called me. I was in Toys R US and she came to my defence on the Internet. I guess she started the gang and I joined her gang.

I try to correct bad advice to ensure no one really screws up. I do this most mornings while playing cribbage on pogo and waiting for next victim.

Gang call it what you like some here are learning real well.

Main business is appeals when people screw up badly or Humanitarian and Compassionate applications when people deserve compassion.



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