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Subject: Police clearance certificate (Italy)

I am staying in Italy since 5 years and planning to file canada immigration file. I saw on canada immigration site and they says that we should give police clearance certificate from each country we stay for more than 6 months.

Does anybody know where should I apply for this certificate in Italy?


police clearance (in reply to: Police clearance certificate (Italy))
hello I work in italy 12 years now from 1 year i stay in usa i want police clearance from italy for canadian immigration i want to know how can i get that
pardeep kumar
PCC From Italy (in reply to: Police clearance certificate (Italy))
I worked at italy on work permit & come back to india before my visa expired.Now a days my wife applied my permanent residency from canada for this purpose i need PCC from Italy . Plz tell me the procedure to get PCC from Italy. thanks

balwant singh sodha
PCC from Italy (in reply to: Police clearance certificate (Italy))

I´m turkish who lived in Italy a while ago for about a year.
For Canada immigration files, I need PCC from Italy.The Italian embassy isn´t helpful and the Turkish Consulate in Italy either.

Can you help with the way to obtain this certificate?

Many thanks

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