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Subject: IELTS Required
  Hi Guys,
I have been a regular visitor of this amazing foroum. Great job everyone and I wish everyone my very best wishes in their immigration process.
I applied for PR(Skilled) in May 2006 in Buffalo. AOR-July 14, 2006. Yesterday I received a letter from them requesting IELTS. I did my schooling in english have been working in US for 8 years...but like Sharon said no point disputing. So I am not..
But the question I have is..can anyone please let me know at what stage do they request an IELTS. Does it mean they are close to making a decision.?

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CIC asks for specific documents when they are preparing to assess your application, or as a preliminary step thereof. CIC probably just runs down the list of required documents and checks the ones that are there and requests the missing ones. Is it a good sign? It is at least telling you that your application did not fall under someone´s desk.. :)

You are definitely right, as well as Sharon, and anybody else saying that there is no point in disputing the need of IELTS. By presenting a high IELTS score, this is the best way for you to say "This is how good my English REALLY is". To have an immigration officer give you language points based on pure intuition, or guessing, or based on his/her mood on the day your application is being assessed, is almost like giving your points away on purpose. Who would want to do that?!? I´ve seen people holding a PHD who could not spell words correctly, and people without any degrees with excellent knowledge of the English language.

If you hear again from CIC please let us know. My AOR is only days apart from yours, so ANY news from someone with such a close AOR is highly appreciated!

Good Luck!


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Thanks a bunch!!! I got another dumb question...I will be visiting my home country pretty soon..Is it possible to give IELTS there since I have more date options or do they want it to be from US since I applied in Buffalo

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I don´t think it really matters where you take the test. IELTS is still IELTS, no matter where you submit to the test.

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress :)


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