what does that mean??

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Subject: what does that mean??
  ok, this is the email reply from Buffalo...

Please be advised that your application is in process, however we are unable to provide an exact date when a final decision will be made.

Canadian Consulate General
Immigration Section

any thought will be appreciated

what does that mean? (in reply to: what does that mean??)
Sounds to me like they are simply notifying you that they have received your file in Buffalo and that processing has begun - but they are not willing to give you any timeline for how long it will take to finalize the ap, which is not unusual and means nothing about your application in particular.
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this means your file is in process, they have a long back log and cant give you the date. They may have sent your application to special unit and unable to say how long it will take. Usually they tell you what month they are current ly processing on

I have a similar issue but my file is a CPC Missisauga


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