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Subject: Please Help - FBI
dear fellas,
I really need your help. My status in USA is out since couple months ago. I´m waiting for CIC interview in LA. I need to submit another FBI background check (fingerprint). I´m afraid they´ll find out my status & inform to INS. please, I need your advice!!

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No need to be afraid. FBI will only check your fingerprints against their criminal database. I had to go through the same thing while out of status in the US. Everything was smooth. FBI is not INS, nor do they care about their immigration status.

Good Luck!


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don´t worry ss, just like uniden said FBI is not INS. as long as you don´t have any criminal record, you´ll be fine.
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thanks guyz, I´ve sent my record request to FBI this morning with a little pray! I hope everything is as smooth as uniden´s case back then.
hoping that I can get the reply before the interview date, as the end of the year is the shortest business days we have, hopefully all the FBI officers will turn to be angels during christmas celebration month!

happy thanksgiving!


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