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Subject: SIN,Medical and PR card Info
  Hi I am landing to Canada this november and was wondering that I don´t have any address to give to Entry point official, What should I do ? how does I will get my PR card ? I am planning to go back to US and Canadian goverment won;t send my PR to US addesss ? How much time it takes ?

2) Am I eligible for SIN ? I mean as soon as I enter Can I apply for SIN number ? if not what do I need to get SIN number ? How much time it takes to get SIN card ?

3) Same with Medical Card ? How much time it takes ?

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You can land without a Canadian address, but you cannot get your PR card or SIN without one. The IO will give you an application for your PR card to complete when you do actually move to Canada and establish an address (that is correct that immigration cannot send it to the US). At that point, you can apply for your SIN and medical card. It takes about 4 weeks to get your PR card, although you´ll get your number immediately upon landing. I think SINs take about the same amount of time, 3-4 weeks, but again, you get the number at the same time you apply. Medical cards vary by province. Hope this helps, and happy landing! :)
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Hi everybody,

Can somebody give us advice on what to do in our situation. We landed in Canada a couple of days ago and the Immigration officer asked us for our address. We were giving her our lawyer´s address and she didn´t accept it. She gave us a form to send with our permanent address whenever we get one. We told her we were going to Ottawa but the issue now is that we applied to the federal skilled worker program and now we decided to live in Quebec. Can we use our Montreal address for the PR card and not have a problem, since we told her we were going to Ottawa? We also got our SIN number in Quebec with no problem, but we are not sure about what to do for our PRs. Any suggestions would be really appreciated, thanks.

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Sorry! I meant to put this as a new topic.

How long it takes after applying for Medicals (in reply to: SIN,Medical and PR card Info)
I am just willing to know about how long it takes for Visa after medicals for Canada Immigration( Family based)
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