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Subject: proof of payment forms
where do i find proof of payment forms for paying for skilled worker application processing fee? is this paid through a bank or online? it is application from the UK TO CANADA
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What your talking about is the process to pay for applications if your in Canada. Pay by certified check or money order payable as it states on the particular Embassy or consulate web sites.


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Its actually applying from the UK, where do i find the forms?
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Appendix A

sponsoring parents (in reply to: proof of payment forms)
I am a canadian citizen looking to sponsor my parents from the U.K. My mother has been diagnosed with cancer in the past and I am wondering if this will automatically mean that she cannot be sponsored?

Also can anyone share the processing times? approx

tom jenkins
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if she has been clear for 5 years perhaps there may be a chance but I would not be overly optimistic about approval.

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