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Subject: Privilege or right?
  Just a thought:
If someone pays for something (referring to app fee, etc) than that someone has the right (NOT a privilege) for an answer. There is something called LAW. The answer can be denial if things don?t match up, or approval if things are fine with the rules. If it was just a privilege, then why is it ok to hire an attorney in many immigration cases and fight in court and WIN if you are right? If someone thinks of it as a privilege, then why that someone doesn?t send them flowers and a greeting card instead of $500 plus a $1000 for landing fee?
So, if they don´t want to stand behind their word but treat me like trash, well, I will swallow my pride and still keep my app running because I KNOW what I want to achieve, my own well being. But don´t tell me the privilege stuff. It is country´s government you dealing with, and every democratic country follows the LAW and not some favors because they like your face or they don´t. Favors and privileges are in lawless countries.
Well, this still doesn´t change the fact that they can do with my app as they please, and this is because the immigration office sees me as a beggar instead of a potential taxpayer. That I cannot change.
So, if it makes you feel better thinking of privilege, rather as your right given to you and promised by the Canadian government, then this is fine with me, I know my own value.

This post is only to see where most of the fellows here stand (buttlickers vs realists), since we cannot make the immigration officers to think of us as people rather then some homeless bums.
Let?s hope things are well for all of us here.
What are your thoughts on this?

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you are not a Consumer in this transaction. You are an Applicant who is asking for specific consideration. It is no different than an application to attend a specific university. You apply, they assess your credentials and decide if they will accept you to attend their institution.

As a measure of fairness (in case of error or misjudgement) the fine print - which happens to be also part of the law allows you a chance to challenge the decision made about your application - not your purchase. A university does not even offer that consideration.

Yes, you are people but in this situation you are not a consumer and should adjust your expectations accordingly.

BTW, landing fees are not $1,000. it is $490.

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you have been promised an answer - and you will get an answer. They even tell you in advance before you apply how long you can expect to wait for that answer. They tell you in advance exactly what the procedure is, what they look for, and give you an opportunity to assess your own chances to insure you are not wasting your time and money.

They even tell you how your application is progressing through an archaic system called E-case. Not perfect... but better than nothing.

My girlfriend has a 2 year old and would like him to attend a specific preschool. It is a popular school and there are a limited number of vacant spaces each year.

Last year... when the child was a year old... without one ounce of complaint, she put down a $250 application fee and got her name on a waiting list in hopes that by the time her little girl is 4, there would be room in the preschool for her daughter.

Is that preschool worth the 3 year wait and the anxiety of the indecision? Probably not! But she is prepared to do it anyway because she thinks it is something she wants for her daughter. When 2008 comes around, there is still no guarantee that Kira will be allowed to attend that preschool! If they don´t have the money to pay the monthly fees or there is still more children than available spots - someone is going to be out of luck. It could be Kira.

Canadian Immigration is no different than that preschool.

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waiting is good too, it let you cool down your over heat head. Otherwise a lot of people have no intention of living in Canada, just by influence, they might not be good for Canadian society.
Only time can prove that you have perspiration....
otherwise ,you will see so many W2 use Canadian immigration as a backdoor.

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What are you losers whining about? Since I arrived in Canada and learned to find chicks, I stopped visiting this site. Whatever you immigration owes are, you need to wait in line and be patient. I hauled more than half a mil US$ and still had to wait! Anyways, I better get back to bed. I promised my date I am gonna wash her as soon as she is outa bed.
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