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Subject: send for a partner outiside the country to marry
  I am a Canadian Citizen and I would like to send for my boyfriend of 21 years who live in the caribbean, so that we can get marry and live in Canada. Does Immigration has a special visa system for soemone who is coming to Canada to be wed. All my family are in Canada,and it would be easier for them to attend, and this is the reason that I would prefer my boyfriend to come to Canada instead of having me going down to the Caribbean to wed. Please reply -thanks Simone
Simone Harvey
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sometimes it is hard to get a visa in a case like that.
i know many ppl who go home, get married, then sponsor
their wifes/husbands.i dont know any who manage to
get married in canada like ur case,
visa officers would tend to think that
this guy is going to get married there, so he´s gonna
go to canada and never come back, why should we give him
a visa?

if u want him to come, maybe it is better to think
of another reason for him coming so that he can
apply for the visa, i.e., maybe attend a conference, do exams, attend some1 else´s wedding,etc..

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Canadian immigration does not offer fiance visa/sponsorships. You must sponsor your partner after you are married or after you have lived common law for a year. The best and fastest way to do this is to travel to his country, marry, return and begin the sponsorship process. CIC website will give you all the relevant information about how to do this. It is important that you have full information about your relationship.

If he is able to come as a visitor - he will need to prove he is going to return home at the end of his visit. If CIC thinks he is getting married and then hanging around Canada until his PR is complete - well... they will likely turn down his application to visit. Besides... an in- Canada application is taking a very long time these days, he would not be allowed to work, and if there is a problem with your application and they refuse you - there is no option for appeal.

You may wish to go the first route that I have suggested, but add a second celebration for your Canadian family once he arrives in Canada.

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