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Subject: PR-question!
Hi all in this forum! I got small question;

I send my PR and almost wait for 3 weeks. Today, I saw e-client status:
A decision has been made on your application. The office will contact you concerning this decision.

So, deos it mean they put stamp on my pasport or something else needs to be done. I am asking because of last sentence which says:
"The office will contact you concerning this decision".

Please reply.
Thank you!

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Congratulation Renat
you got the innigration visa and
your PP will come back to you sooooon
Welcome to Canada

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immigration Visa

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Immigration visa received in THREE WEEKS only?

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Hi, all!
Thank you for you comments and sharing knowledge!

No, Cristina, not 3 weeks recevied. I just send my pasports for stamp and when cheked e-status I saw that decision had been made. But untill this time I didn´t get pasports back!


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Your passport is on the way.. I had similar situation.. when status changed.. I got it in a week..
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