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Subject: Landed Immigrant Status Expiration
I was a landed immigrant while I lived in Canada with my family. Several years ago we returned to live in the United States. Does anyone know if landed immigrant status expires if you leave Canada? Am I eligible to return to Canada to live and work without going through all the paperwork again?
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i know that u have 5 years from the day u land, out of those 5 years u must live 3 in canada, then u can apply for canadian citizenship, i think i u fail to live in
canada for 3 out of 5 years, ure permanent resident status
expires and u have to apply again. but double check if
there are any exceptions.

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730 days out of 5 years you must be in Canada
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Sharon is accurate.

Just a note, if you stay outside of Canada with your spouse who is a canadian citizen, then you don´t need to worry about PR status, that will be OK. BUT, you can´t apply for canadian citizenship untill you meet the requirement of staying 3 years in Canada physically.

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no, it is only 730 days( i.e. 2 years) if you have previously lived in canada for at least 1 year,
if u applied for PR from outside canada, then
came to canada and landed then left, it must be 3 years,

i know because i just got my PR and i need 2 years since i have been in canada for several years.

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I also thought you need two out of five years in Canada, like Sharon states, to maintain PR. It´s three years out of last four to acquire citizenship.
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Adults must have lived in Canada for at least three years (1,095 days) out of the four years preceding the application. Please note that you cannot meet the residence requirements for citizenship without a minimum of 2 years as a permanent resident. Time spent in Canada before becoming a permanent resident may be counted toward becoming a Canadian citizen if it falls within the four-year period. To find out if you meet the residence requirements to become a Canadian citizen, you can use the residence calculator.

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I don´t think MinnesotaCanuck is worried about citizenship at this point. All he/she is asking is if his/her PR status has expired. It is 2 years out of first(and subsequent) 5 year period to maintain the PR status. It´s 3 years out of 4 years preceding the date of your application to apply for citizenship.
Hope this is clear.

Here´s a cut and paste of CIC website:
"Permanent Residence Obligations
Here is what you must do to comply with your residency obligations.

You must accumulate two years of physical presence in Canada in every five-year period.
You must have lived in Canada for at least three years out of the four years immediately preceding your application for citizenship"

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Is there an expiration date on a Landed Status paper. Speaking for myself I was a landed immigrant for 25 years before applying for my Canadian Citizenship, has that changed. I was speaking to someone who is a Landed immigrant and said her papers had expired and has been for along time she has gone through school but was never asked to Status, it is now our policy for prospective students to provide proof of their status in Canada, I would appreciate hearing from someone regarding my question.

Many Thanks

Mary Flanagan
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How do I help a friend who is a landed immigrant for 12 years now and wants to become a Canadian Citizen? Is there an application form and if so how do I get this? Is there a cost invovlved. They have lost there landed immigrant status form and now only have a copy which is not acceptable in certain areas. They need an original or signed copy of same. How do they go aboout getting this. This person is a new mother recently on welfare and has had all her papers stolen. She has one year of nursing and wishes to return to school to complete her R.N. This country needs nurses. She was refused application in Sept. as she does not have the proper papers. She will be accepted in January, so she needs to have her papers in order. Please tell me how I can help her obtain same. I believe this woman is getting the "run around". She was not allowed to open a bank account with B.of M. with only her health card and therefore had to pay $20.00 in order to cash her Gov´t support cheque. Is this not discrimination? Her papers are urgently needed and her Family Worker does not seem to be much help, according to her. Also she went to Legal Aid to apply for total custody of her young infant and was referred back to her Family Worker for a referral?? No one seems to be doing very much to get some child support from the father. Please get back to me with information I can use to help this person.........Many thanks...Barbara Whitteker
Barbara Whitteker
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NOBODY can open a bank card with nothing more than a health card. It is not sufficient ID. $20 is common. Discrimination - no. tough business rules - yes.

Legal Aid must be referred. It is not the corner store of services

Child Support is not the governments problem. it is hers. She will need to take him to court for it. Good luck.

Before she can do anything about citizenship she needs to get busy and replace her documents.