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Subject: Newzealand citizen needs Roy's help
Thanks for incredible INFO, Unfortunately I do not live in NEWZEALAND now and I do not want to return to. I will go to Canada from South Africa because i was working there. I looked to PNP but It may be difficult to get PNP cert. I want after my landing to submit to buffalo, and during the first year of work permit, I might be able to get PNP certificate, or job offer. Can I do that?
Thanks for you and sharon


If your referring to the one year open work permit for those under 30 years of age the answer is yes. Why you would not want to go through your own visa post which is quicker see

Or try to get a PNP certificate while your in Canada.


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Yes if you are admitted to Canada for one year on a WP your covered by Regulation 11. If your so sure of getting your WP your skills must be very needed so still try for the PNP it will save you a year and a half even if U submit through Buffalo as a PNP instead of a SW.

See Regulation 11 subsection (1)
11. (1) An application for a permanent resident visa ? other than an application for a permanent resident visa made under Part 8 ? must be made to the immigration office that serves

(a) the country where the applicant is residing, if the applicant has been lawfully admitted to that country for a period of at least one year; or

(b) the applicant´s country of nationality or, if the applicant is stateless, their country of habitual residence other than a country in which they are residing without having been lawfully admitted.


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