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Subject: Landing fee
I was wondering when should one send the landing fee? Does the CIC ask for it after medicals are done? or when?

Same thing I wana find out for FBI fingerprint results, should one just send them in after the medicals are done? or just wait for the CIC to ask.


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I believe you can send the landing fee anytime you wish - some people choose to wait because of finances etc - I hear it may speed things up a little if you send it before they request it - Hope this helps.
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I wouldn´t send anything until they ask for it, otherwise I think it just sits in your file and isn´t considered until they´re ready to look at it.

I thought sending my FBI fingerprints earlier in the process would help to prevent delay, but by the time they asked for them the first set that I sent had expired so I had to send another set, which was just a waste of time and money.

CIC asked for my RPRF (landing fee) when they requested medicals and additional documents...including my FBI fingerprints.

How much is the RPRF now (in USD)? (in reply to: Landing fee)
Can Any body please inform me how much is the RPRF now in US Dollar? I know that it is 490 in Canadian DOllar but I don´t know how much it is in US Dollar?


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just pay 489 USD and if it´s too much they´ll send you some money back, or say keep the change...
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Fo your landing fee, you can send it anytime even before CIC asks for it. For FBI, just wait for CIC´s request because this one expires.

Here´s the link for the much in US$ etc.


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