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  Hi Guys,

Im considering getting an immigration lawyer to help me get in to Canada on Family Class sponcership from Ireland (my wife is a canuck). Could anyone advice me of there experiances with Roy or ay other lawyer for that matter ?

What is the main advantage in using a lawyer ?

Thanks in advance.


Alan Yaverbaum
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unless there is something very unusual about your application, you should be able to do it yourself. read the CIC website from beginning to end, pay particular attention to the operational manuals that pertain to your situation. ask questions when you get stuck and save yourself some money.

If you can read, write clearly, and follow instructions... you should not have a problem.

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I did it on my own without problem. It actually looks worse than it really is. Instead of someone asking you for this or that form or document, just read the CIC instructions and you can do it yourself.

I think the initial fear of not knowing the process drives many to lawyers unnecessarily at unneeded expense.

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But if you do go to an immigration lawyer, Roy is the best.
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Thank You Richard much appreciated. Please do not call me a lawyer though. They are not taught Immigration Law in Law school and do not have to take one course/subject in Immigraation Law.

I was taught to be the Ministers Counsel in Ottawa and have stood up to the best of the best some of whom were consultants representing their clients in hearings.

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