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Subject: sponsorship interviews
i just wanted to know if i live in florida and my wife lives in nova scotia, and i apply from florida traveling back and forth to see her
while process, if they call me for an interview, where would be my best choice applying from within canada or from florida, they told me you have to travel to buffalo for interview and in canada to missisagua.

wow that is a lot of money for a sponsoship so it´s not only the processing fees but airline tickets and hotel and transportation for interview
what would be best to apply from within or outside?

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When you submit an application for sponsorship a marriage certificate is nothing more then a piece of paper. That piece of paper does not prove that you have a real marriage.

One must complete the questionnaire and provide supporting documentation.

You most certainly have to complete the bold non-numbered question at the end of both questionnaires.

If you have travelled back and forth you should have plenty of relationship photos (non-wedding photos)with the two of you laughing showing a bond between the two of you. That is far more important then anything.

Get your spouses friends to write letters regarding what they think of you and how important you are to her. They can say things from their hearts that the two of you would never think of writing about your relationship. Then have them attach proof of status and address proof to the letters.

If you do a quality application the chance of an interview decreases drastically. Just make sure your wife does not write that you like to vacuum.


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