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Does ordering CAIP Notes slow down the process.?, Its been a year since I applied under arrnaged employment but still havent recieved IA..

AOR :Aug 15 2006
IELTS Request : Oct 2006
IELTS Results submitted : Dec 2006
IA ????????

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your time line makes no sesne (do u mean 2005?)
caips should not slow down process. it is doen via ottawa.
where did you apply?

Caip Notes-Help (in reply to: Caip Notes-Help)
OOps I meant 2005
I applied in Buffalo

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there is no point to apply for CAIPS before IA, you only need caips if you need to know specific things about your application for example why called for interview or why delayed beyond normal but no point to apply for caips while you know whats there, before IA you get nothing just your personal info, and documents received or letters sent to you.
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Decision has been made on my application for refund of processing fee being pre 2008 case. Will the decision of the court be applicable to me if it comes in favor of petitioners who are already in court.
Lutuf Ali Uqaili

Lutuf Ali Uqaili

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