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Subject: A Newcomer's Experience

Lets see what happens when landing?

A new immigrant experience...

Is it a fast procedure? What do they ask for? Does the person have to sign any papers, provide a residential address? Photos?

Pleas eshare your experience. Thanks!

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A Newcomer's Experience (in reply to: A Newcomer's Experience)
You´ll see when you´ll cross the border and what it´ll happen,will continue for ever...

I crossed the border 2 month ago and I was shocked by the TOTALLY UN-PROFFESSIONALISM manifested in almost all the canadian domains.
At the border NOBODY knew what has to do with my papers,NOBODY cheched-up my cars,NOBODY asked me about the intent to settle permanently in CANADA,etc.(A lot of information on CIC´s web-site is pure fantasy;lies ,lies,lies about how nice and easy is the life in Canada)-they don´t specify that 1 in 6 new immigrants coming in Canada are going back in their countries after spending their money and not being able to find decent jobs.
Anyway,maybe depends on which point you´ll choose for border crossing.
Good luck!!!


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