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Subject: Got PPR..Thanks
  Finally I have received a mail from CIC, Detroit asking me to send my passport. The whole process took around 18 months!!

Thanks a lot to all you guys..This forum has been so helpful whenever I had any doubt...!

you guys rock :)

Gud Luck to all of you who are waiting on their application...!

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Good luck, hope you have a better life in Canada and reach your dreams...
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Congrats Amrit
Could you please let me know about your time frame. I applied in Jan,2005. I got my medicals done and sent in July,2006. My file is also in Detroit. How much time after medical you got PPR. Thanks a lot and congrats again.

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Congrats Amrit, could you please post the eamil you got from the consulate? Thanks.
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We were concerned and our doctor told us he would have informed us if there had been a problem.
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Thanks guys...!

My timeline:

Applied: Feb 05 (Buffalo)
AOR: Mar 05
IELTS rsult: Aug 05
RCMP/Finger Prints: Oct 05
xfer to Detroit: Feb 06
IA & Medical: Apr 06
PPR: 4th Aug 06

I am not sure how long can I wait before I need to send my passport ?

Email just said that attached in the PPR forma nd send your passport as your visa is ready to be issued.

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Just so long as you land (with your visa stamped passport) with a year of the completion of your medical exam. They should have mentioned that deadline date in your letter.
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