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Subject: Lets get organized
  I´m noticing that a lot of people asking questions with a heading like "please help" or "what do I do?" " URGENT" etc etc. Please don´t do this, it does not help people who need answers to the same questions. If your post has a relevant title, it may help other people who´re searching for information and that way questions are not repeated.

So please title your posts such that they´re related to the question you´re asking. The only other thing one may do is write also the category you have applied and from where.

And yes, one more thing will the anonymous write some fictitious name as we have too many anonymous questioning and answering and it appears that the same person is asking and answering besides mixing them up. If one gets the visa then we cannot know which anonymous got this.

I hope you will not mind these changes to get this train on track for others who will come in later, to run this effortlessly.

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I agree with your points OM, i´ll do my best to remember them whenever i post.
how to start a new thread (in reply to: Lets get organized)
how to start a new thread?
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I agree with you, OM. Body of the letter should be relevant to the title(subject). I don´t think many ppl open those posting when they see ´plz help´...´what to do´ kind of posting.
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I agree. a clear stated topic title is very helpful for all of us.
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