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Subject: Suggestions?
I would like to apply for a skilled-worker visa but I don´t have an experience yet.
I live in NYC.Do you think that someone can hire me in Poland (I am Polish)while I am here.I could be emlpoyed for at least one year getting experience living techniclly in NYC.Do you it would be possible?I would have a fake experience but I would have a full documentation.Do you think it wouldn´t come out?Well,it seems very confusing.How can I be hired in Poland full time and live in NYC at the same time. The reason I want to do that is I am off the books in the US so I won´t be able to provide W2.
Could you share your opinions?
Thank You

Anna NY
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Reality bites
(in reply to: Suggestions?) would be cool...what about my fiance?do u have somebody for him too?
Anna NY
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LOL...Anna, your response is funny, but, good comeback. Um...i´m not sure if i´m reading this right, but, you´re asking if you can live in the US and have a full-time job in Poland...hmmmm Well, it´s not physically possible, but, if you have a good friend who owns a company or who has the means to make this job letter for you, just try it. What´s there to lose? If you don´t get into canada, there are many other places in the world that you can work and live. Canada isn´t the Sovereign you know, I mean, i wanna go there and i plan on applying with the new application form, but, i´m keep a realistic view on things, things are hard in canada also, you have looooooooong commutes to work and housing and food are expensive. So, just give it a try, at least you tried.
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You can be hired by a Polish company in a position that a US citizen cannot fill. In other words you need unique skills like a translator. You would need to be hired in Poland and transfered to the NY office. There must also be a paper trail - payments. tax, visa, etc.
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