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Subject: ID FRAUD
  hi all, i was wondering if anybody knows how to inform the Canadian Authorities about id fraud. in a nutshell, a friend of a friend has recently married a canadian girl, purely to gain immigration status. he is already married and has therefore created a new id, eg, passport etc. The canadian girl is unaware of this situation.most of his friends disapprove of his deciet, but are afraid to take action. any advice?
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personally, I would report him, and be ready to help piece your firend back together. She will find out sooner or later and if she finds out you knew and did nothing... how will she feel.

as for the jerk who used her - the sooner we can get his ass out of Canada, the better.

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contact me at
and we´ll discuss this further. it´s all about gathering your facts, documents, evidence to present to CIC. Please contact me, as I am on a mission to stop marriage fraud in Canada.

mr victim
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