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Subject: ROY and SHARON
  Dear Roy,
This is not a place for advertisement, this forum is for the people who like to share their experience. If you want to share your client´s experience, you are most welcome in that way.....i think you will not be willing to do that, because this is your business! One more thing is you had better keep yourself off from this forum, because you will earn some bad impression/credit on you by people´s comment. This is just a suggession.
Good luck with your business.

Do you really know this guy very well? If yes, may be you can explain exactly what he did wrong in your case/in other´s case that you know very well. If not, please stop posting these things against people. Are you a PR applicant or a businessman like Roy? Good luck in any case.

--- Pat

(in reply to: ROY and SHARON)

As Sharon said, she called the real Roy and he said that he did not post this stuff, so it´s some clown amusing himself and trying to rip off others.

I have read quite a bit in this forum and for as much as my word is worth, if someone is of big help here it is Sharon.

Unfortunately in any website that is open to public postings like this one (also ebay, kijiji, whaggle and so on) there are always people out to rip off others and because not everyone is as savyy as others, warnings are absolutely ok and welcome to help those out who would otherwise getting scammed.

(in reply to: ROY and SHARON)
fuxx off guys!!
it´s summer, so nice out there, don´t waste your spirit and hourly wage to deal with losers!!!!!!!!!!!!

i don´t deal with them

departure bay
(in reply to: ROY and SHARON)
Departure Bay good advice... is that the reason why you are here ? God DB you really suck kid..... you are the best IDIOT here, dont believe me ? Search for the posts from you - DB Departure Bay... all the crap.... just a spoilt kid..
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