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Subject: To--roy,sharon,anonymous nd other expert
  hey guys.

i applied my immigration in oct 2004 and my file was rejected in july05 because of work experience.

CIC process my 3 yrs of part time experience in to 11 months and rejected my file because at that time i was doing dual bachelors degree?s.

Moreover,my employer does not mentioned the hours in that letter,may be they confused nd gave me 11 months of creadit and refused.

What i am thinking right now is make a new letter from my employer and mention my hours and submit once again.

and till now the my experience has?nt changed is the same,what it was before.

What u expert think this time they can except it.

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once they reject your application they close the file. there is no opportunity to revisit your information. regrettably, you must start a new application.
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hey sharon everything is tell me they will start and there is any positive thing to do..
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