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Excuse me for misspelling your name Sharon, anyway in my earlier thread I asked something but could not get a clear answer can you please help me with your comments ?

My gf and I are from Iran. I have already got my PR and will be landing in Canada soon, my gf wants to come over to Canada to marry me later (after she completes her studies) ..

Because of my situation in Canada I cannot go back to Iran to marry her then come back to Canada and apply for sponsorship, so she will visit me as a tourist and then we are planning to marry in Canada and I would like to apply for sponsorship for her. My question is, when she comes over to Canada with her tourist visa, can she marry me and stay with me in Canada during all my sponsorship application process???

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yes, as long as she is able to extend her visa.

however, she is going to have to do a very serious song and dance to be given her visitors visa. she has to prove she intends to go home. Bank account, job etc.

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Yes, as long as she can get the visa to enter Canada and is able to extend it until the PR process is complete. Good idea would be that she enters canada on a student visa which can then be futher extended while she is in canada.



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