anyone got married in court in delhi?

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Subject: anyone got married in court in delhi?
  I am a canadian woman inlove with a man from Nagpur India. We have had a relationship for over 3 years. We want to marry and think it best for us to marry through the courts. We just dont want the hassel of a huge wedding. We want to marry in delhi.. My question is what do we need to do to get married.. I am only having three weeks for vacation and we have to do it in that span of time. He cant get a visa to come here, because they say they dont believe he will leave the country before the visa expires. Is there anyone here that got married in the courts? Is there someone we can contact in delhi to be certain before my ticket is booked? Do we seek a lawyer?We could really use some direction here.
We have asked people and tried to find out things from the net, but it seems that nothing is clear. Some say you can bribe and get it done in 2 hours and others say 6 weeks. I dont want to waste the money on a ticket if we are not able to get married in the three weeks I have off

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