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Subject: Expiring PRC & joining family
  Me and my wife was passing a very beautiful life and we were landed immigrant of Canada but not living in Canada. Our max time out of Canada was going to finish, we were just thinking to go there or not. But my wife decided to go Canada for our kids education. I disagreed with her but she made her mind and gone.

Now after living out of Cnada for more than the period required to maintain PRC may I go back and join my family.

Is there any possibility of renewing my PRC from out of Canada.

What other options I have? I am missing my family with 3 kids like anything.

Appreciate help of all the members.

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I will apologize in advance if I offend anyone but I cannot let this one go by. Canada is not around to provide your family with a high quality, cheap education without you putting some time and effort into the country.

There are thousands of people eager to come here, work hard, become part of the community, send their children to school, pay their taxes and participate in our society. Those are the people Canada wants.

People who do as you have done, make naturalized Canadians hate the immigration process. Please, do prospective immigrants a favour and take your wife and family back to your very beautiful life that you already have.

If you have exceeded your allowable time outside of Canada, I suspect your PR is cancelled. your wife will need to sponsor you.

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I am sorry to say I will slightly disagree with you, because my wife is an accountant she is doing job and paying taxes. Secondly on purchase of each and every item my family is paying GST & PST. Its known fact that cost of living in Canada is also very high, so I also need to finance them on top of that, even after considering CTB and return of some taxes.

So if we compute in real terms nothing is cheap, the only difference is quality of education which is better than the country I am living in, and price is being paid for that indirectly. Can you please let us know what time and effort you are mentioning?

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if your wife is working and paying taxes, I have less difficulty with this situation.

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