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Subject: Research assistant-part time job
  Hello everybody,

I have a question for students who are studying in Canada.
I am working as a MASc research assistant at a Candian University (part time 30hr/week). I am working on MASc project for my supervisor and I am receiving financial support for that (I had research contract now I am on the bursary). I do not have a work permit because we are allowed to work on campus without a work permit, We just need a study permit.
Now my question:

Can research assistantship position be treated as work experience?
I am employed at University, receiveing b-weekly salary.
With that extra points, I might qualify as a skilled worker if they do not ask me to take a French language test .

Students (who are in the same shoes as I am ), immigration lawers please share your opinions with me.

What was the time frame for students who applied as skilled workers.
I assume it is faster because we are in Canada and studying at Canadian Universities.

Thanks M

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Your research assistantship will count as long it was continous, part time, paid work. The PR process is not faster because you´re in Canada. It can take anywhere from 15 to 24 months if you´re a student in Canada.
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do one thing ..never ever mention that you work partime or mention the number of hours you work per week..

just make a general letter and apply and that should be fine..

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You can´t do that Michael. You have to mention every detail aboout your job. Making a general letter will just cause you grief later on.
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guys, i went that route for the experience factor. i worked 2 years continuous, some part time, some fulltime. i explained in a letter that during the semesters, the work was part time whereas during the breaks it was full time. the key is that it has to be CONTINUOUS and has to be equiavalent to at least 1 yr. 2 yrs part time = 1 yr full time. i have a combination of part time and full time and the total is more than 1yr so i got the points.

i then went on to describe the details about the job, making sure that it completely reflects the job descriptions on the NOC page. i then got my supervisor to sign it on company letterhead. three months later, i got the interview waiver.

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I also sent a detailed letter explaining the number of hours that I worked as RA. The immigration office counted my hours and calculated its equivalent full-time duration. So, I got the point (I checked the CAIPS).
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Thanks all
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