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Subject: Ottawa to Buffalo (Meds)
Hi guys!
I have a question. Anyone knows how long it takes Ottawa to send Buffalo the meds clearance? (lets assume Ottawa got the meds Monday, and that there is no probelm with the meds).


Braveheart (AKA mel

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Looks like it takes somewhere 2 to 3 months for that to get done...and you get your PPR.

What I am not sure about is that if someone is not being asked for the finger prints verification until after medicals, does it mean it is waived or one should be expecting it later after sending the medicals in?

RCMP (in reply to: Ottawa to Buffalo (Meds))
RCMP is sometimes done by the visa office directly - they save time like that and redeu pressure on the RCMP
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I believe RCMP is only for those who are in canada already? I´m talking about the applicants in U.S. What are your thoughts on that?

FBI (in reply to: Ottawa to Buffalo (Meds))
do the FBI clearance without wating for the visa office to ask you. it takes a while to get it back. and would dave time. if you dod not live in the US for more than 6 months after the age of 18 then u won´t need one

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