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Subject: Skilled worker via london
  Can anyone with and experience tell me the rough time line in connection with my application as below.

applied as skilled worker and processing started 17th jan 06,
got hrsdc positive validation for a job offer and sent it to cic london 12th apr 06

I am British, living in the uk and wondered how long after submitting hrsdc validation i will have to wait for medical requests.


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Hi Phil

Once you have the approval it can take 6-8 weeks. I contacted CIC whilst in Ottawa and that was the timeline they gave us.

8-10 weeks for approval
6-8 weeks once approved by HRSDC

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excellent thanks, hopefully I will get the forms through in the next couple of weeks then
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Hi Phil, Is that the AEO or the LMO you got from HRSDC? If it´s LMO for a work permit I think it´s pretty quick but AEO might be 6 months or longer. I have AEO too, sent in March 06 (original application Aug 05) but still haven´t heard anything back.
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