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  Hello there all. My friend is from Pakistan, and is currently living in Pakistan as well. He wants to know if he should directly apply for canadian immigration, which can take up to 6 years or should he go to canada as a masters student. Start his studies and apply at for immigratoin within canada. Which option do you think is better and faster. Thanx a lot for your help and support.

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First off the former government wanted to allow students to be able to apply from within Canada but the new government has not agreed to do that. That would mean if he is applying based on his educational and occupational skills he would need a US visitor visa and a young male muslim will likely not get a visitor visa.

PNP are a average of 8 months from all visa posts. All provinces have a skilled worker progam PNP some are better then others but him getting a job without an interview is highly unlikely.

Some PNP have skilled worker shortage lists. Go to To Immigrate Provicial Nominee Program then search around.

Nova Scotia is one province that will support a visitor visa application from countries like Pakistan where its really hard to get a CVV. They charge more though--$5,000.00


Why does he need to obtaind a US visa (in reply to: Student or Direct)
Hello Roy, I can´t understand why a Pakistani citizen needs a US visitor visa to enter Canada? Is it related to each other? Another thing I want to know why it is difficult for a young muslim to get a visitor visa? What about the other religion like Hindu, Christian or Buddist? Is it easy for them?

Milton Das
How long to immigrate to CANDA from PAK (in reply to: Student or Direct)
Hi to all.

I am new to this forum and reached by web searching. I am planning to apply for CANADA IMMIGRATION would anyone tell me how long will it take to get my passport stamped of CANADA?

Hoping an early reply.


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